How to design a garden layout ? 5 ideas

Designing an ideal garden layout to complement your house is a nice project. Having an outdoor space that appeals to people is what everyone seeks. Moreover, whether the layout is for activities like dining, entertainment, or sports, you will want it adorned with flowers and plants. Careful planning of your garden layout will make it more attractive. If you need some ideas on how to design your garden, here are some suggestions.

What to include in a garden layout

When you want to design a garden layout, there are some things to consider. Take note that there are small differences between an ordinary garden and a beautiful one. To have a beautiful garden, here are some things to consider:


The first thing you need to understand is that your garden location should be ideal. You need to measure your location before designing a garden layout. This helps you scale and map out your garden plan.

Know your flowers

Before creating a garden layout understand the different types of plants, trees, and shrubs you want to put in the garden. As a homeowner, talk with your family about the flowers they want. Once you get everyone’s thoughts, integrate them into your plan.

Understand softscape

When designing a garden layout you need to understand softscaping. It involves:

  • flower beds,
  • shrubs,
  • trees,
  • plants.

Also, it can include some gardening duties like trimming, aerating, digging, planting, grading, planting, and weed management.

Know about hardscape

Hardscape can be described as non-living materials which can be inserted into your garden plan. These elements include bricks, pavers, stone, wood, and rocks. Any good garden design without proper hardscape isn’t complete.

5 ideas on how to design a garden layout

If you want to learn about how to design a garden layout yourself with the help of a landscaper, here are some great ideas:

Plan for your garden needs

A terrace is usually the main focus of all gardens where you eat and entertain yourself. Ensure you allocate enough space for the patio and deck.

You will need to establish what your desires about the garden space should be. This should be done earlier to have a hitch-free garden planning process. You will need to learn about some problems associated with gardening such as waterlogging, lack of color, and bumpy lawn.

Draw your initial design

You should try to sketch out your garden design on paper and make a list of flower beds, plants, and other elements. This drawing can help visualize what places aren’t ideal for gardening placements.

Moreover, at this point, you can decide what you want to change in the design and what should remain. Having some edits and tweaks is inevitable as it can make your design layout a great one.

Consider core elements of landscape design

When designing a garden layout, consider soft and hard landscape elements to get an appropriate layout. The main idea behind an appealing garden is careful planning irrespective of the size. Your garden planning should be based on factors such as:

  • emphasis
  • variety
  • scale
  • unity
  • balance
  • simplicity

Also, think about the materials you want to use such as gravel, wood, and stone. Don’t also forget that porcelain, tiles, string, and modern sculpture which are ideal for contemporary gardens.

Learn about garden design costs

Even when you keep some garden features, hiring a landscaper to work on a garden design can be pricey. Depending on the landscape designer you use, it can cost you around $1920 to $7,120. Gardens that have curb appeal can be expensive, however, they add value to your house.

Consider garden maintenance

While individual wants to differ when it comes to garden designs, consider the maintenance fees when planning. Ask for compromise from your family members. If you are adding a veg patch, you will need to take care of them yearly.

Having a well-designed garden has become important for most house owners. Making the right design for your garden layout will help save costs and give your garden a befitting look.