10 Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

The above ground pool is a type of pool that has the particularity of resting on solid ground. Unlike the classic swimming pool, its installation does not require costly work. If this pool seduces you and you are tempted to own your own, you will have the choice between different models. Here are the top 10.

The benefits of an above ground pool

One advantage that makes the above ground pool so appealing is the ease with which it can be installed. Its installation does not require any prior preparation. The above ground pool is also:

  • Safe,
  • Inexpensive,
  • Aesthetic.

With an above-ground pool, you have the option of choosing between several pool models. Various styles and materials, from the simplest to the most complex, there is something for everyone.

Likewise, you can place this pool wherever you like in your garden. The occupied space will make your garden a place for entertainment and rest.

If all these advantages do not convince you, know that the construction of an above ground pool is subject to simplified legislation.

Ground Pool Deck

Different types of above ground pools

There are a variety of above ground pools you can choose from. Each model has advantages that will seduce you for sure.

Inflatable above ground pool

This is one of the most classic above ground pool models. It’s a swimming pool that you can climb in record time. Shapes and dimensions vary according to the many models available on the market. It is a type of swimming pool very suitable for bathing children, as it offers great safety.

Above ground glass pool

Uniquely elegant , the above-ground glass pool has a dazzling effect. It is the very example of top of the range in your garden. In addition, it allows a great freedom of creation. Treat yourself to luxury and style with this kind of pool.

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The swimming pool lined with wood

Wood is a living material that breathes and evokes nature. It brings charm to your garden. Choosing this noble material means sublimating your swimming pool . There are several types of wood that are very suitable for pool construction. You are spoiled for choice for the ideal wood that suits your project.

The vegetated above ground swimming pool

The above ground pool surrounded by greenery plunges your garden into a magical world. Harmonious and natural, the vegetated above ground pool gives a highly ecological look with ease. This is the model to adopt at all costs if you want to enjoy a welcoming relaxation area in your home.

The pool lined with concrete

The concrete pool gives your garden an elegant and traditional style. A noble and robust material, concrete offers a certain durability which makes it the ideal covering. You have great latitude to choose the finishes you want to add to this type of construction.

PVC above ground pool

Renowned for its resistance, PVC is a material to be preferred if you are betting on the durability of your construction. You can count on this material which does not deteriorate so easily. It is also an inexpensive material. The price of an above ground pool is already affordable. If you choose PVC, you are sure not to ruin yourself while carrying out your project. In addition, its daily maintenance does not require much effort on your part.

The composite above ground pool

For your above-ground composite pool, you will benefit from a very attractive , robust structure . It is a modern material compared to other types of materials that you can use for an above ground pool. Its fluidity makes it very easy to assemble. This pool is very easy to assemble while guaranteeing a certain solidity. Adapting very well to humidity, the composite nevertheless requires some maintenance to preserve all its beauty.

The swimming pool surrounded by straw

If you want to make considerable savings, you can opt for the pool surrounded by straw bales. The result will surprise you with its simplicity and beauty. Its realization will not take you much time since it only requires a few elements: a tarpaulin, straw and of course water.

The brick-lined swimming pool

The brick offers several possibilities for choosing the shape of your above ground pool thanks to its malleability. It allows you to give the construction the design that you like the most. Also, very little polluting compared to other materials, it is a very ecological material. You can bet on the beauty of brick to have a unique above ground pool.

Above ground stainless steel pool

Stainless steel is renowned for its beauty and ease of maintenance . You can rely on this material if you don’t want to deal with the effects of bad weather on your pool. Indeed, you can be sure of the durability of your stainless steel above ground pool. This longevity of the material can even go up to 30 years. Finally, stainless steel guarantees you a certain level of hygiene, because it does not favor the development of bacteria on its surface.